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ELISA Coating (EC) Stabilizer, 500 mL

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ELISA Coating (EC) Stabilizer500 mL




The ELISA Coating (EC) Stabilizer is used to stabilize adsorbed or immobilized proteins. Our product assists in the maintenance of the coated antibody or antigen activity contained in each well of the ELISA plate being used. Addition of the EC Stabilizer forms a protective film over the active biological components contained in each well and helps prevent conformational change due to various denaturation effects. These effects include heat, drying, lyophilization, and interactions with hydrophobic surfaces. This protective film is dissolved readily when samples are added to the wells. The EC Stabilizer does not interfere with immunochemical reactions.


* Enhances shelf life of a variety of components including antibodies and antigens.

* Compatible with a variety of surfaces including polystyrene plates, tubes, beads, glass, membranes, immunoblots, and filter paper.

* Highly efficient (our in-house studies indicate that sixty (60) days after using EC Stabilizer treated antibodies and antigens at a temperature of 37 oC both retained over 80% activity. This translates to a stability of over eighteen (18) months at 4 oC.

* Replaces the blocking solution for most protocols. In addition to stabilizing, EC Stabilizer’s proprietary components contain an effective blocking agent. This permits you to perform the two crucial steps of blocking and stabilizing, at the same time.


1. Immobilize or adsorb the primary protein (antibody or antigen) according to the procedure optimized in your laboratory. Wash adequately.

2. Immediately after washing, add enough EC solution to allow interaction with the entire protein-coated surface. For example, if you added 100 uL/well of the primary protein solution in step 1, then the amount of EC solution you should add is between 100-200 uL/well. Do not let coated components dry before adding EC solution since drying contributes to the loss of protein activity.

3. Incubate for 60 minutes at room temperature.

4. Remove/aspirate the EC solution, but do not wash.

5. Dry components for long-term storage in a humidity-controlled chamber until dry. Drying times vary according to individual conditions.

6. For optimum stability, package the final, stabilized product in an airtight container with a desiccant.

Product Form: 5 × concentrated solution.  Use distilled water to dilute.

Storage: Store at 4 oC


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Product Specificity ELISA Coating (EC) Stabilizer
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Size 500 mL
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