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mAb anti-Human IL-8, I8-60, Detector

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mAb anti-Human IL-8, I8-60, 0.1 mg
mAb anti-Human IL-8, I8-60, 0.5 mg

Mouse monoclonal antibody to human Interleukin-8 (IL-8), Clone I8-60



Description: Mouse monoclonal antibody to human interleukin 8 (IL-8)

Purification: Protein G affinity purified

Product Type: Primary antibody, detection antibody in matched antibody pair

Target Protein: Human IL-8

Immunogen: Purified recombinant human IL-8

Fusion Myeloma: P3X63Ag8.653

Specificity: This antibody recognizes both recombinant and native human IL-8.

Species Reactivity: Human, others not tested.

Cross-reactivity: This antibody does not cross react with human Monocyte Chemotactic Activating Factor (MCAF) or RANTES (Regulated on Activation, Normal T-cell Expressed, and Secreted).

Host / Isotype: Mouse, IgG1 Kappa

Formulation: Lyophilized in 0.01M PBS, pH 7.0.

Reconstitution: Double distilled water is recommended and to adjust the final concentration to 1.00 mg/mL.

Storage: Store at -20oC

Research Area: Cytokine, interleukin and chemotaxis


Interleukin 8 (IL-8), like IL-6, is secreted by macrophages and a variety of cells that express Toll-like receptors in response to the stimulation of pathogens.  IL-8's primary function is to recruit neutrophils and other target cells through chemotaxis to the infected site to eliminate pathogens.  IL-8 causes increased intracellular Ca2+, release of reactive oxygen species, and other physiological changes required for migration and phagocytosis.  IL-8 is also known to promote angiogenesis.


1. ELISA: This antibody can be used as detection antibody in sandwich ELISA applications for human IL-8 detection in combination with a monoclonal capture antibody (Cat No: MO-C40017A).  

2. Neutralizing: In chemotaxis assay, the antibody inhibited 98.4% of the chemotactic activity of IL-8 on RB/293 cell using 5mg/mL of antibody and 10ng/mL of human IL-8 in assay. This antibody inhibited the chemotactic effect of human IL-8, had no inhibitory effect to MIP 1-bata and RANTES in neutrophil chemotaxis assay, indicating that the antibody’s neutralization activity is specific.  The antibody also neutralized IL-8 induced calcium influx in human granulocytes.

3. Western Blot: The antibody used at 0.02-0.1μg/mL concentrations will allow visualization of 100ng/lane of recombinant human IL-8.  

Figure: Western blot analysis of recombinant human IL-8 using clone I8-60.

4. IHC:  The antibody was used to detect IL-8 expression in the stratum corneum of psoriatic skin tissue.  The image below shows the result of detecting with anti-IL-8 clone 60, biotinylated 2rd antibody and avidin-HRP.  The specimen was stained with DAB substrate for 5~10 min, and counter-stained with hematoxylin.


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Product Specificity mAb anti-Human IL-8, I8-60, Detector
Application ELISA, NT, WB, IHC
Size 0.1 mg
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