Matched Antibodies Pairs to Human Hormones

mAb anti-Human FSH, FSH-1, Capture

mAb anti-Human FSH, FSH-1, Capture

Catalogue #: MO-M40050B

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mAb anti-Human FSH, FSH-1, Capture, 0.1 mg
mAb anti-Human FSH, FSH-1, Capture, 0.5 mg

Mouse monoclonal antibody to human follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), Clone FSH-1



Description: Mouse monoclonal antibody to human follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)

Purification: Protein G affinity purified

Product Type: Primary antibody- capture antibody in matched antibody pair

Target Protein: Human FSH α subunit

Immunogen: Human FSH α subunit

Fusion Myeloma: Not known

Specificity: Human FSH α subunit

Species Reacitvity: Human, others not tested

Host / Isotype: Mouse, IgG1 Kappa

Formulation: Lyophilized from a solution in 0.01M PBS, pH 7.2

Reconstitution: Double distillated water is recommended to adjust the final concentration to 1.00 mg/mL.

Storage: Store at -20oC

Research Area: Hormone, follicle development and maturation


Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulates the development and maturation of both male and female germ cells. FSH is crucial for the small follicles to avert apoptosis.  During female menstrual cycle,FSHinitiates the growth of immature follicles and stimulates estrodiol secretion.   FSH level is increased a few days after menstrual flow when progesterone and estrodiol are at low level.  

FSH is produced by gonadotropic cells in pituitary gland.  FSH has an α subunit that is identical to the one in other glycoprotein hormones such as TSH, LH and hCG.  FSH level is evaluated to help diagnosis of problems associated with reproductive system and fertility.


ELISA: This antibody can be used as capturer in sandwich ELISA for FSH detection in combination with our matched anti-FSH antibody [mouse anti human FSH monoclonal antibody, HRP-conjugated, Cat No: MO-M40050T]. The suggested coating concentration is 4μg/mL.


If research is published using this product, please inform Anogen in order to cite the reference on this datasheet. Anogen will provide one unit of product in the same category as gratitude.


Additional Information

Product Specificity mAb anti-Human FSH, FSH-1, Capture
Application EIA
Size 0.5 mg
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