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Pre-titrated Reagents for Human IL-18 ELISA

Catalogue #:EL10060R

Pre-titrated reagents for making IL-18 ELISA kit

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<3.25 pg/mL


31.25-2000 pg/mL


1) Pre-titrated Human IL-18 Capture Antibody (Part: EL60R-1);
2) Calibrated Human IL-18 Standard (Part: EL60R-2);
3) Pre-titrated Human IL-18 Detection Antibody-HRP conjugate (Part: EL60R-3);


Pre-titrated Reagent Kit for human IL-18 contains calibrated IL-8 standards and pre-titrated capture and detection antibodies for quantitative measurement of human IL-18 in biological samples by enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA). An assay protocol is provided with the kit to use the reagents in 96-well ELISA format. It is recommended to dilute all reagents according to this manual. The lyophilized standards have been calibrated against WHO reference material to ensure accuracy and consistence of test results. The reagents can also be used with 384-well ELISA plate and optimized for use in other type of immunoassays.


IL-18 was first identified and cloned as an interferon-gamma(IFN-gamma) inducing factor from a murine liver cell cDNA library after challenging the animal with heat inactivated bacteria and lipopolysaccharide. It is categorized as pro-inflammatory cytokine based on its structural similarity to the interleukin 1 superfamily and its function in modulating inflammatory immune-response. IL-18 is constitutively expressed as a precursor in nearly all cells in human and animals. Similar to IL-1β, IL-18 precursor is processed by caspase-1 into the active form. The primary source of IL-18 is macrophages and dendritic cells and its secretion is increased by IFN-gamma stimulation. Circulating IL-18 presents in healthy individuals at substantial levels.


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