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mAb anti-human CRP, N1G1 (Monoclonal Antibodies)

Catalogue #:MO-M40023D

Mouse monoclonal antibody to human C reactive protein (CRP), Clone N1G1

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mAb anti-human CRP, N1G1 (Monoclonal Antibodies)

Description: Mouse monoclonal antibody to human C reactive protein (CRP)

Purification: Protein G affinity purified

Product Type: Primary antibody

Target Protein: Human CRP

Immunogen: Purified CRP from human pleural fluid

Fusion Myeloma: Sp2/0-Ag14

Specificity: No detectable cross-reaction with human normal serum proteins.

Species Reacitvity: Human, others not tested

Host / Isotype: Mouse, IgG1 Kappa

Formulation: Lyophilized from a solution in 0.01M PBS, pH 7.0

Reconstitution: Double distillated water is recommended to adjust the final concentration to 1.00mg/mL. 

Storage: Store at -20oC

Research Area: Inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases


C –reactive protein (CRP) is an acute phase protein that is comprised of five identical 23kDa subunits. The protein increases rapidly in response to inflammation, trauma and infection, and drops to normal level when the conditions no longer present. CRP plays a role in innate immunity by binding to phosphachlolin on the surface of damaged cells or certain microbes, and activating the C1q complex in complement system. CRP is primarily produced by hepatocytes under the stimulation by inflammatory cytokines including IL-6 and TNF-alpha.  Elevated CRP level is implicated with bacterial infection, autoimmune diseases, trauma and post-surgical complications. Study has shown that people with higher CRP baseline have a higher disposition to develop cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.


ELISA: This antibody reacts with human CRP. 


If research is published using this product, please inform Anogen in order to cite the reference on this datasheet. Anogen will provide one unit of product in the same category as gratitude.


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